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Academic Centre for Research and Consultancy (ACRC) is an educational, research,  and consultancy agency & association platform.


The Mission

  • takes active part in planning and implementation of all new project activities; 

  • brings together experts from different fields for capacity building in the project;

  • organizes  workshops and  field visits for project participants and stakeholders;

  • share experiences on European educational practices and policies;

  • takes part in the quality control, conducts surveys, and produces quality reports.

  • participates in project management and coordination meetings consulting for the best soöutions in decision making


Due to extended experience and cooperation with multiple partners, ACRC has created a network for international development cooperation, that includes both academic and non-academic institutions from around the world. The network helps to find reliable and enthusiastic partners for research and cooperation, share the knowledge and know-how, and promote international development work.


In the modern global world it is impossible to work isolated, making exchange of experience the key to moving forward. ACRC aims to promote, develop and implement innovative protocol for the scientific research of different disciplines and areas through teaching and consulting businesses and individuals on a broad range of topics. ACRC Association cooperates a wide network of  National, regional and international partners around the world, including universities and industries.

Acquiring the knowledge, skills and experiences from academic and non-academic experts boosts the achievements in all scientific fields, helps to integrate the results of research studies into the industrial solutions and creates new comprehensive ideas as well as outcomes.

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